are you a coffee lover? did you ever dream of becoming a coffee taster ? if you are a sucker for the black beans than bali is the prefect spot for you. there are hundreds of coffee plantation farms which you can visit on a very cheap price. you can taste more than 12 different types of coffee in these plantations for free but the most special one is “luwak coffee”. the process of preparing Luwak coffee is very unique and strange. people often dare each other to drink it and no  i wont spoil the fun for you by explaining the process. just scroll through the pictures and enjoy the experience yourself.

“kopi” is the correct word for coffee in Indonesia 

Fun Fact – You can drink all the free samples as you want but you have to buy the “Luwak Coffee” but they will never force you to buy it. So just witness the process while getting drunk on the coffee.  

i visited the goagajah coffee plantation which was real close to the temples we drove to. but there is a whole list if them on tripadvisor

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