Recently mother’s day just passed and I was a bit busy settling down in a new city with a new job in a new country, so i failed on sending a present to my mother or even an emoji wishing her happy Mother’s Day.

Living in this online era and being almost a Social Media Addict I couldn’t hide myself away from the Mother’s Day’s posts and pictures. The cheesy messages popping up on my timeline were sweet as Fu*k.

Currently I am live in New Zealand, so the time difference is horrible with Canada, but I still got tempted on looking for an old cute picture of me and my mother, captioning it with some self-boosting words declaring the world on how much I love her. This mother-son love would have been celebrated with everyone on our Timelines (perfect plan)

Before I could scroll down into my camera roll, one of my cousin posted a similar picture with the exact same lines which I thought of <« .

This is the moment when something else struck my mind. I found myself looking back through my teenage days of the mid 90s.

Strangely enough I never use to tell my parents how much I loved them, but that never made a difference to our relationships.

My mother and I share a very close and trusted relationship. Growing up, I was always close to her than anyone else in the family and it was an organic relationship.

Oddly enough we never had to express our love to each other in words (forget about social media). It was just unspoken selfless love which was natural.  

I feel that today’s generation has an advantage. An advantage of posting few lines and justify or regenerate relationships.

We have evolved so much in our lifestyles that not much emotions are invested in building a relationship anymore. One post, one tag, one present can do what words can’t and also keep our busy Individual life styles on the run safe.

I have no issues over expressing ourselves over social media as I myself is an avid user of this medium, but are we or the teenagers of toady missing out on those moments where we can make an effort to build a relationship? Even with our parents?

Everyone is complaining that we don’t invest much time on building friendships or try enough on our romantic relationships to sustain because our lives have become so mechanical. Instant gratification is tattooed in our mindset, so  we tend to take a lot of things for granted, even people.

The Irony is that Relationship building is a skill on our CV’s. If you work with people like me, building relationships with your clients is the only skill you need to excel. It’s strange to think that these online Life coaches and Gurus keeps on reminding us about this skill every single day? 

We get trained to connect with people at work but we are not sure on how to connect with the people around us?     

I was never an expressive person until I realized that expressing myself is one of the best feeling i can give it to myself and the other. (And No it’s not a personality trait)

Social media has made our lives easier but don’t let it steal away the moments you can engage while knowing a person. Talking to your parents or siblings expressing each other at least once a year can renew your fading relationships with them.   

Today everyone is telling us on how to follow our dreams and listen to our inner voice. How to trust ourselves and chase our passions.

I believe we are one of the luckiest generation to be living through a world which is transitioning to the next era. We live in an era where Everyone has a voice, everyone is helping each other and trying to unite the world. The old beliefs are being transformed to new opportunities. The is the time when we can literally become what we dream of and chase our passions.

but While running this rat race are we forgetting the older generation who never had these opportunities or support?

I don’t believe that we need one day to celebrate love of any form but for someone somewhere that one day can turn out to be the only day to build up a special connection or relive a relationship.

Maybe instead of just expressing how much we love our moms (which she already knows) we can talk to her and ask about the dreams she had, the places she always wanted to visit bit could never could, those hidden passions she had which she could never pursue.  

Maybe this year instead of just posting a picture of a past memory we can try to build some new ones and cherish that moment.

Happy Mother’s Day

Just a thought by Shak





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