The Streets – Melbourne 1.0

Melbourne is undoubtedly by far my favorite city to live in.

The city is disliked by a lot of people because of its notorious unpredictable weather and the lack of gorgeous beaches unlike its predecessor Sydney


because of its niche arts and culture scene with the most diverse multicultural population bringing  adding the coffee culture on top, Melbourne makes it to my top list.

My love for this city exploded when I got introduced to its hipster and alternative culture where independent artists are always encouraged to perform.

The streets of Melbourne are responsible for giving a platform to some amazing talents from everyday life.

You can spend a whole evening in the CBD by just watching the buskers creating magic on the bustling streets. 

Melbourne is always inspirational to me and these are my few shots describing the vibe of this eclectic city.

music – talent – freedom – artists – voice – busy people – solitude – smiles – hope 

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