The Most Fascinating Country Of South East Asia will always be  “Cambodia” For Me.

On The Surface, Cambodia Is The Land Of Magical Temples, Exotic Food, White Sandy Beaches And A Lot Of Natural Beauty.

It Is Also A Very Famous Country For Back Packers And Travelers Because Of Its Money Value. Cambodia Uses US Dollars Which Makes It An Easy And Less Complicated Country To Spend Money (Unlike Vietnam).

Going Out and Having A Decent Meal Is A Delight in This Gorgeous Country Because It is really Cheap and delicious                          


Cambodia’s  Exotic Locations are also a Witness to Some Bloody Dark History Of Genocide and Political Rifts.

This Newly Born Country Got Me Confused And Fascinated In The Same Time. I Was Surprised To Learn About Its Past and Also got Restless To  Share Its Story with Everyone around Me.

This Country Was A Reunion For Me With One Of My Closest Friend After 2 Years.

She Was An Expat Here And I Was Really Lucky To Be A Part Of Their Expat Group And Live Like A Local (Expat Local) Exploring

The Streets Of Phenom Pheh.

The Official Tourism Slogan For Cambodia Is The “Land Of Wonder” But For Me, The People Are The Real Wonders Who Went Through One Of The Most Horrifying Human Genocides Of This World And Came Out To Start a New Society, From The Scratch

Before writing about its Scary past I will show you 

It’s the gorgeous present

Cambodia Is In Between Thailand And Vietnam Which Makes It A Very Easy Stop From The Both The Countries.

You Can Cross The Borders Via Buses In Few Hours.

I Took A Straight Bus From Ho Chi Minh City To Phnom Penh And It Was The Easiest Border Crossing I Ever Had. The Bus Driver Did Everything For Me While I Just set back and enjoyed the Views.

My Top Spots in Cambodia

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 which you should never miss while exploring this country. 


Phnom Penh – The Capital 

PP Is The Capital And Probably The Biggest And Busiest City In Cambodia.  This City Has An Eclectic Mix Of The Modern World And The Long Gone History Of Cambodia.

Spend Your First Few Days Here To Experience The Heritage And The Colorful Night Outs.

**You Will Probably Find The Most Number Of Expats In This City Who Is Most Likely Keeping The Night Life Alive.


The Most Famous Beach Town Of Cambodia Is Sihanoukville With White Sandy Beaches, National Parks, Jungle Walks, Mountain Treks, Cruises And A lot Of Water Sports.  Try To Visit Ream National Park If You Can Squeeze In some Extra Time.

Koh Rong

An Island Which Is Just 30 Min’s Away From Sihanoukville But gives you a much  laid back and  Less Busy Touristy Vibe.

Its Rustic Charm And Undeveloped Community Gives A More Natural And Authentic Atmosphere. Koh Rong Proudly Has No Roads Or Much Wi-Fi Connections.

If You Want To Detox, This Is A Perfect Gateway Spot For A Night Or Two.

Kampot & Kep 

Just 2 Hours Away From The Luxurious Shianoukville Is The Serene Kampot And Kep. Two Small Towns Filled With Natural Inhabited Beauty.

A Retreat For French Colonials In The Early 20th Century And A Playground For Cambodia’s Royalty And Rich In The 1960s, The Area Is Covered With Abandoned Architectures, Art, Temples, And Faded History With The Khmer Rouge Arrival.

A Perfect Spot To Run Away From The Bustling Big City Life.  Another Good Reason Is To Visit The Fresh Seafood And Crab Market watching The Sunset.

I Stayed Here For A Week And Drove Down To The Incredible

“Bokor Mountain Hill” Which Turned Out To Be One Of My Best Weeks In Cambodia.

To Know More About These Spooky Mountains, Abandoned Buildings And My Adventurous Bike Ride Please Click Here

Siem Reap And The Angkor Temples

Probably The Most Number Of People Visit Cambodia Because Of The Angkor Temples And Siem Reap Is The City Around Which Is The Biggest Ruins Of The World Can Be Found.

Siem Reap Has A Lot To Offer As This Is A Major Tourist Destination For The Temple Visits. The Floating Villages, Street Markets, Local Village Tours, Museums, Culture, Food, And A Big Night Life Are Just A Few.

The Mysteries Of Angkor Wat Is Still Being Uncovered Which is One of The Most Fascinated Works of Human Mind. Angkor Wat is the World’s Largest Religious Monument Ever Built. There Are Thousands of Stories and Myths About These Incredible Structures. 

***the best way To Visit These temples is to get  1 Or 3 Day Pass and get on a guided tour. 

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Angkor Wat temple, one day ticket

You Can Really Spend A Week Exploring These Temples And Unraveling Its Mysteries.


Riverside Battambang Is Cambodia’s Second Largest City but It Is Always Been Overlooked by the Travelers. Battambang’s Protected Heritage Quarter Is Home To 800 Significant Buildings, Including A 150-Year Old Chinese Temple, Charming Shop-Houses, Elegant Colonial French Buildings, Glittering Pagodas And Striking Buildings From The New Khmer Architecture Movement. Battambang Is Cambodia’s Rice Bowl and Boasts the Country’s Finest Food

The Most Famous Bamboo Train Was Closed When I Was There So Please Check The Status Of It Before Heading Out For The Adventure.

Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri, and Kratie Are one of those less touristic wild spots of Cambodia Which are normally overlooked by travelers but if you have some extra time and in a mood for real adventure then visit these towns for some wild elephants, jungle treks, overnight camping trips, natural waterfalls, ancient temples and much more.

***do not forget to take essential health Products and Flu shots before entering this region. 

Cambodia has just two main seasons, wet and dry. The dry season runs from October to April with temperatures rising to 30’s °C (90’s °F) in April. While the wet season runs from May to October and peaks from July to September when it rains almost every day.

Fly into Siem Reap or Phnom Penh – These major spots are easily accessible.

Pro tip Phnom Penh is Notorious for Stealing and Snatching routines. Never keep your Wallet or Bags Unattended, Avoid Talking on Your Cellphone In The Middle Of The Street. 


Visas for Cambodia are available on arrival for both land borders and airports entries. A 30-day single entry visa can be extended at an additional cost through an agent in Phnom Penh. E Visas are also available online in advance for which great if you are flying into Cambodia.

Information on the E visa applications click here


My next blog on Cambodia – Top things to do in Phnom Penh and the Complicated history of Communist Revolutionaries + Religious rebels + Human genocides and an inside look in the Killing fields and S 21 and Relationship between Cambodia and Vietnam

Keep Exploring – Shak 


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