Awful Australia

Awful Australia!! said no one ever, because it’s always been the “Amazing Australia”


The origins – Australia was founded by a bunch of criminals which were sent by Britain and from 1788 until 1868 they sent roughly 164,000 convicts to the land down under. Maybe at those times it was called the Awful Australia but times have changed now and Australia has become one of the most multicultural and strongest countries in the world.

Australia was the first country where I discovered the culture of backpacking and met some real “hippies” My love for Australia will always be special because it introduced me to the culture of traveling and a long line of friendships with some true nomads. 

Australia is a very unique country because of the wide variety of  people, cultures, laws, animals, food, marine life, adventure sports, beaches, natural landscapes, “slangs” and much more.

The 6th biggest country in the world is also known as the “land down under” because of its position on the southern hemisphere. Here I can soak on some gorgeous beaches, walk through some historic dense rain forests and get lost in the uninhabited desert stargazing the night the away.

My bucket list of adventure sports got ticked off as i went for scuba dive/snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, jumped out of a plane on a gorgeous beach, spend an evening gazing at the Sydney opera house and drive on the great ocean road, Swim with dolphins or just chill with some kangaroos and koalas.

Down Under is one of the top destinations for travelers and backpackers as it caters to the adventurous side of people. It has a varied range of landscapes including urban cities, mountains, beaches, rain forest, deserts and agricultural land. I was lucky enough to have traveled almost everywhere in this massive country.

Geographical overview 

The North – Great Barrier Reef (largest living structure on earth)

The South – Great Ocean Road and 12 apostles (only 8 apostles left)

The East – Whitsundays and Fraser Island (home of the top 5 beach in the world and the longest sand island)

The West –(the longest stretch of straight railway in the world).

The Center aka The Outback – Uluru the big rock

Even tho Australia is as big as USA or Brazil there is only 5 major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Every city has its own vibe and If you want to read about them or see some pictures just click on the names. Melbourne is my personal favorite (i will soon blog about the reasons) 

** Australia has 10688 (as per 2018) beaches in total which means you can visit one new beach every day for the next 27 years.

Not just the landscapes but land down under have some impressive operational laws for its residents as well – Voting in elections in Australia is compulsory (you don’t have a choice) with an initial fine of $72 issued for non-voters.

The drinking culture in Australia is so big that Sydney and a few other cities have started their own lock out laws within the clubs and bars. so if you are having a night out in Sydney make sure to wrap up your alcohol before 2 am (it is a very controversial topic among Aussies also if it actually helps in reducing crimes or not).

despite Australia being one of the most expensive countries in the world there is a large number of people who is migrating every single day because of its perfect work and life balance with the amazing weather Also australia holds the 4th place on highest paying jobs  

Now check out some fun facts about this massive country 

Cheeky Facts Down Under 

  • Australians call it “Straya”
  • “Durrie” and “Ciggie” is normally refereed to tobacco (these Aussie slangs are strange and hilarious)
  • Straya is 32 times bigger than the UK and 22 times bigger than Germany.
  • The major population of Straya is on the east coast. The west and the middle of Australia is pretty much empty. If Western Australia was a country it would be the 10th biggest in the world.
  • Straya is the opal capital producing 95% of the world’s opal.
  • A remote town in Western Australia is the 2nd largest producer of gold in the world (fact check on 2018).
  • 20% of the people living in Australia were born overseas and 40% have mixed cultural heritage. There are about 225 languages spoken in Australia, making it one of the most multicultural countries in the world.
  • Tropical northern Australia is home to the world’s largest species of salt water crocodile, and they can grow as big as 6.7m and yes they eat people.
  • Melbourne used to be called Batmania, after one of its founders, John Batman.
  • Melbourne started the world’s first gay and lesbian radio station. It started in 1993 and is called Joy Radio
  • Australia has two deadly spiders red black spider and funnel web spider. There are approximately 1,500 species of spiders in Australia
  • 25 most venomous snakes come from Australia.
  • Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is a big rock, in fact it is the biggest rock in the world. There is a lot of myths and stories behind this monolith. Click here to see the others
  • Perth is the only City in the world which can have an aircraft land on CBD
  • The largest cattle station in the world is located in Australia and it’s bigger than Israel
  • The world’s longest sand island can be found in Australia
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure
  • Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.
  • Koalas sleeps for about 20 hours per day. What is a koala? Click me
  • The Nullabor Plain is home to the longest straight road in the world, at 146 km long
  • Perth is the home to the highest capita of self-made millionaires.
  • Melbourne has the largest public tram system in the world
  • The Gold Coast has the world’s largest canal system, which is larger than those of both Venice and Amsterdam combined
  • Sydney is Australia’s largest city, but NOT its capital – its capital city is Canberra which got picked because no one could agree between Sydney or Melbourne. (there is still a friendly competition on everything between these two cities)

Origin Australia

aboriginal art
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art piece by the aboriginal community of australia

As quoted by Prof Eske Willerslev, evolutionary geneticist, University of Copenhagen “Australian Aboriginal people” are probably the oldest group in the world that you can link to one particular place.

The experience of engaging with the oldest community of human life was fascinating. The reality is that This wont last for too long as The aboriginal population is currently sitting on a shocking 3%.

Spending 2 years in this vastly multicultural country has given me a lot of knowledge and growth. This was the country where i discovered the culture of traveling and backpacking while making friends from around the world. (click here if you want to read my blog on BACKPACKING BLISS) 


there is a lot of options to visit or move to australia. 

Click on the link to find out the details needed from your country on – visitor visa , working holiday visa, work and holiday visa, skilled visa, study visa, new Zealand residency visa, business visa. 

If you want me to write more on Australia or its history please comment

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Keep Xploring – Shak 





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